Thursday 12th July, with our new producer Ash Prigent!

Artist Song
The Paper Kites Featherstone
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Garden
R.L. Jones Everybody Wants To Be Your Friend
Nantes Unsatisfy
Bear In Heaven Sinful Nature
White Arrows I Can Go (This Week’s Feature Album)
Fait Accompli No Great Expectations
Future Islands Cotton Flower
The Darcys Des Animaux
Siren Lines Dance In Clouds
Blue Sun Lockaway Light
Dappled Cities Born At The Right Time
DIIV Doused
Tame Impala Apocalypse Dreams
Hot Chip Don’t Deny Your Heart
Red Ink Euphoria
Thrupence Synchronous Bloom

Feature CD: November 26 – December 2

The Stillsons – Earnest (Independent)

Earnest, the appropriately descriptive debut album from Melboure/Perth trio The Stillsons is an endearing collection of honest songs bursting with narrative and self-reflection arranged with a smattering of folk, bluegrass and country influences.

Tune into The Range and Breakfast throughout the week to hear tracks from the album.

Interview: Wintercoats

James Wallace, aka Wintercoats, has only been playing the violin for three years but he’s already making some beautifully layered soundscapes with those four strings. Stream his chat with Danni and Walter below to find out just how he puts all those loops together…


Feature CD, October 5 – 11

Jonti – Twirligig (Mistletone)

Much has happened to Sydney musician Jonti Danilewitz since his emigration from South Africa, from collaborating with Sean Lennon in Brooklyn to an abundance of lawsuit-avoiding name changes (Danimals > Djanimals > Jonti), before settling on his own production prowess and the name on his birth certificate for his debut album. Twirligig is an immersive listen, full of the sketchy beats, electronic flourishes and dashes of sweetly crooned, digitally effected vocals finding popularity the world over.

Tune into The Range and Radio Adelaide breakfast to hear cuts from the album.


Interview: Nick Huggins

Hailing from Melbourne, producer extraordinaire Nick Huggins has just released ‘Five Lights’, a musical and visual delight that you can check out here. Apologies for the phone trouble at the end of the interview, but be sure to have a listen to Nick’s interesting chat with Danni and Walter about his sparse yet beautiful music.


Feature CD, October 15 – 21

Nick Huggins – Five Lights (Two Bright Lakes)

Following from the endearing bleepy pop of his solo debut The Shipwreck (2007), Five Lights sees acclaimed Melbourne producer Nick Huggins veer away from recent work with Hello Satellites, Otouto and Oscar + Martin to explore a more formless, nuanced collection of ideas. With synth, national guitar and improvised percussion Huggins allows sounds to gel and coalesce over each track, gradually revealing their charm from listen to listen.

Not simply a musical work, the album is accompanied by a several video and prose pieces accessible online.

Tune into The Range and Breakfast to hear tracks from the album.

Feature CD: September 8 – 14

Dick Diver – New Start Again (Chapter Music)

Named after an F. Scott Fitzgerald character (we’re a family station), Melbourne’s Dick Diver cut a distinctly Australian path through the swathe of lovably warm garage and lo-fi bands we find ourselves surrounded by. Recorded by Eddie Current Suppression Ring alumni Mikey Young, their debut sees the band switch vocals and songwriting from song to song while never sacrificing coherency, creating something akin to the aural equivalent of sitting on the verandah on a nice afternoon. Go-Betweens references abound but with effortlessly brilliant tracks like ‘On The Bank’, Dick Diver have found a niche of classic Australian songwriting all of their own.

Tune into The Range and Breakfast this week to hear songs from the album.