The Friday Sessions: The Baker Suite

The Baker Suite write pop/folk storytelling songs, full of humility and seduction. They joined us on The Friday Sessions ahead of their performance at Sessions, at the Space Theatre.


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Set List
Armies of the Night
Your Dreaming Self
Any Other Way
Fugitive Kind

The Friday Sessions: Wild Oats

Local pop three-piece Wild Oats joined us for The Friday Sessions. They’ve been slowly but surely building a solid repertoire of impressive work. There’s something very Australian about it, it’s occasionally ever-so-twee and it’s always thoughtfully crafted and catchy. Listen!

Download Friday Session (mp3, 29.5MB)

Set List:

Family Band
Black The Panes

The Friday Sessions: Menagerie


Download Friday Session (mp3,40.7MB)

Set list:

Coldest Night
Cut Off Your Hands/ Hail Mary

The Friday Sessions: The Sun and The Sky

You ready for some BIG synthy rock tunes?!? Joining the Friday Sessions this arvo are none other than the handsome fellas from “The Sun and The Sky”.  Playing us some noise from their recently released EP ‘Ceremony’ and also a new single called ‘River’. As you can hear, the guys have such an established sound echoing throughout Adelaide from perviously performing in the Fuse Festival and Bands on Track with MusicSA. Now yet to hit the east coast in July with band friends “Little Two Eyes” – they are in the meantime performing at the Crown N’Sceptre for the launch of their single release of  ‘River’.

Download Friday Session (mp3,40.7MB)

Set list:

Already One
Good Fight
Above the Stars

Extra info:

Justin Pounsett who is the bass player has just finished the long haul of writing and producing a track a week for 52 weeks.

The Friday Sessions: Tiger Choir

Emerging off the island we like to called Hobart, Tasmania. Tiger Choir popped on to The Friday Sessions with their elaborate set up, whilst swapping the drums for techno pads. The choir of tigers, warming up the cold arvo with some cranking tunes from their vinyl tour happening this May!


Download Friday Session (mp3,37.7 MB)

Set list
Ephemeral City
Beat Happening

The Friday Sessions: Banjo Jackson

Solo acoustic artist Banjo Jackson joins us this weeks Friday Sessions on the Range!


Download Friday Session (mp3,19.7 MB)

Set List
Ghost of Angela
The Sea

The Friday Sessions: Big Richard Insect

This week’s guests have been in the bedroom for years, but are of late sharing their rough-edged rock with punters throughout Adelaide. Big Richard Insect came by Radio Adelaide to play their new single I’m So Bored, and other tracks from their as-yet unreleased recordings…. more exclusive music here on The Friday Sessions!

Download Friday Session (mp3,15.7MB)

I’m So Bored
Be My Brasser
Bad Hair Life
Early Man